Saturday, March 25, 2017

Logitech M570 Wireless trackball

The Logitech m570 I looked long and hard to find a good track ball and there was this gem under my nose the whole time at my local Walmart. I was kind of spoiled with my last Microsoft optical track ball, so the standard was already set high. unfortunately, the Microsoft track ball i speak off went out of production many years ago (it was a Case of such a good product , people only need to buy it once ) and many others i have seen are sub par. then there are the other factors of a track ball to take into account. What style do you want? do you want a thumb controlled or a center balled trackball. how big of a trackball is another factor . You have trackballs that mount to a table top for video games , all the way to track balls you wear on your index finger. What are you using your trackball for? In my case for a basic desktop media center. Granted i will be installing some game as well in the near future. So lets talk about this trackball in all of these aspects. I was looking for a thumb controlled trackball and the m570 has a small non-optical right handed trackball. The over all size is kind of small , but it is still comfortable to a person with large hands. It is very light weight but does not feel cheap or fragile. It runs off of just a single AA battery and has great battery life. so break down Pros : Great battery life , takes rechargeable batteries just fine comfortable light reasonably priced ($40 USD) Cons: non-optical - thats why the battery life is so good Need to download drivers to use - I hate that with a basic HID , you need them right off to get drivers